Both times I have been out we have had changing wind direction (2 or three beyond 45 degrees in only a minute) and gusting and dying winds. As I am a beginner I have waited for days with a gentle breeze before taking it out. Would the poor conditions be normal on light windy days on a very small inland water or may it be the long narrow lake with a very high tree line surrounding it be the cause or am I simply whining in what are normal conditions. I am thinking about taking her out on Lake Erie (closest to me) and dealing with the swells if it means that I can enjoy having it in the "groove" and clipping along for more than 15 seconds with out coasting to a stop or having to tack all the time to try to stay moving.

Any comments appreciated.

10/26/2008 01:02:47 pm

Nice job on the boat. I found your site surfing the boatbuilder ring. Yeah, those lake winds can be flukey. I live in Alabama 4 miles from a 15000 acre impoundment and sailing on it is either constant tacking or drifting. HaHa. I'm building a small D5 dinghy for practice and hope to build a pocket cruiser such as a Weekender in the future. Gotta keep those dreams alive or we wither. Good Luck!


10/19/2009 12:48:06 am

nice boat, i hope you find some wind ;-)
I just finished a 14'6" Yawl and you are right with your lessons learned - i did it too!

have a nice time
and a nice wind


9/27/2010 09:00:26 pm

Hi Kyle.

I'm coming up to 40 myself in January 2011! I have had big dreams of owning my own America's Cup boat - well, 1/4 the size more like. You have given me an inspiration that I too can build my own - as I too don't have a clue how to build a boat - nor how to sail! I wish you had made more comments and added more photos to your collection - but it would be great to keep in touch and know that there are other's out there with great dreams such as you - and that you have helped inspire me to give it a go too! I am a New Zealander - the land with which is surrounded by oceans and many inland lakes. I would love to see now (2010) how your boat is going - and if you could update and add more photos.

Many Regards

Hamish, New Zealand.

2/13/2011 02:18:31 pm

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2/20/2011 05:14:18 pm

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