Both times I have been out we have had changing wind direction (2 or three beyond 45 degrees in only a minute) and gusting and dying winds. As I am a beginner I have waited for days with a gentle breeze before taking it out. Would the poor conditions be normal on light windy days on a very small inland water or may it be the long narrow lake with a very high tree line surrounding it be the cause or am I simply whining in what are normal conditions. I am thinking about taking her out on Lake Erie (closest to me) and dealing with the swells if it means that I can enjoy having it in the "groove" and clipping along for more than 15 seconds with out coasting to a stop or having to tack all the time to try to stay moving.

Any comments appreciated.


I check in fairly often and would be happy to answer anything.


Looks like I'm out of work again my layoff appears permanent. If anyone knows of hiring going on in the London / St. Thomas Ontario Canada area drop me a message, I'll be eternally grateful. I've told my son many times that I am his lesson stay in school!!!!


I should mention also that the mast & boom will be made by myself and of wood. Hollow mast solid boom. Give me a rating on 1 - 10. 1 being that I'll have to salvage it off the botom of the lake the first time out to 10 being as good as any production boat. Don't worry my feelings aren't easily hurt.


Wow, how lame. Will do more when I get more into blogging, whatever the hell that is.